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DreeseCODE Software, LLC History

As is often the case, most software projects are started to solve a personal need. I wrote the original version of DesignFOIL back in 1996 to solve my need to quickly generate NACA airfoil coordinates. At the time, I called the program the "Super Numerical Airfoil Creation Kit", or SNACK for short. A friend suggested that I develop a way to simulate airflow over the airfoil. That was the beginning of many new features for the software, culminating in what is now DesignFOIL 6. By focusing intently on the user-experience, DesignFOIL has been able to bring the daunting task of airfoil/fairing creation/analysis to designers of all disciplines.

Every new version of DesignFOIL includes powerful new features. The end result is that DesignFOIL is growing by leaps and bounds in utility and user-friendliness.

I enjoy hearing from people about their projects, especially if DesignFOIL is helping them accomplish their goals. Feel free to Contact me. All inquires are replied to personally.