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DesignFOIL Options (UPDATED)

DesignFOIL V7 has one version - the FULL VERSION. Download it.

Use it. If you like it, pay for it. It's only $10 for students.

No registration code is required. Every dollar helps keep the servers running.

DesignFOIL V7.06

Shape Features
NACA Airfoil Creation
Import Generic Coordinate Files
Import DXF (simplified) files
Mix & Match Assembler
Joukowsky Airfoil Generator
Elliptical Airfoil Generator
Camber/Flap Modification Tool

Airfoil Analysis Features
Standard Atmosphere Model
Virtual Wind Tunnel
Drag Polar Generator

Data Export Features
Export Airfoil directly to Notepad Text File

Wing Analysis Features
Wing Layout: up to 6 airfoils
Import/Export wing files with coworkers

"Save As" Features
Standard UIUC Format
Vellum Spline Format
DXF Basic Format
Gridgen's Airfoil "Segment" Format
CMARC's Airfoil Format
Many other CFD formats

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