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News & Update Information

April 21, 2024:
DesignFOIL V7.02 is now available. I've changed a few things. The full version is what you get. No more demo. If you like it, the price is only $10 for students. You can get it from the main DesignFOIL page . I've eliminated the direct export to CAD software because I couldn't keep up with the complex developer partnerships - I don't have that kind of time. Instead, almost all data can be exported directly to text files, or Notepad to be specific.

April 6, 2023:
I've got several DesignFOIL tutorials and videos available now. They are on the main DesignFOIL page found here .

December 1, 2022:
DesignFOIL is now avialable for ANSYS users through the ANSYS app store.

July 2, 2022:
DesignFOIL is now part of the Peterson Automotive Museum. Sortof. DesignFOIL was used to help create the record-breaking electric KillaJoule vehicle, raced by Eva HÃ¥kansson. The DesignFOIL logo is proudly worn on the mid-section of the vehicle near the bottom. Specifically, DesignFOIL was used to create thea airfoil sections for the running-board side wing.

January 24, 2018:
Many of you have asked for an offline version of the popular Airfoil Primer (see link up top) and I've done just that. Published today is a Kindle edition of all the Airfoil Primer articles bundled up into one Kindle book. It's only $2.99 right now. You can read a free sample of it here: https://amzn.to/3GrMGj7.

August 28, 2016:
I've uploaded a slightly updated version of DesignFOIL to fix some bugs. Version 6.46.

August 22, 2015:
I've created a new detailed video that talks about the airfoil types available. Check it out! Click here to watch the video.

December 20th, 2014:
As many of you know, I've been writing a book about an adventure to Mars for nearly two years. It's finally published on Amazon (e-book form). Check it out at the RED HOPE Amazon page.

Feb 13, 2014:
DesignFOIL now runs on Linux computers when you use the free Wine software tool. I've tested it on Ubuntu-based systems. Let me know if you get it running on Redhat.

March 8, 2012:
I've uploaded several video tutorials for DesignFOIL. Look at the main website menu on top and click on VIDEOS link. Let me know what you'd like to see.

February 20, 2012:
I've uploaded Version 6.44 of the demo to the website. I'll be updating the full versions soon.

December 8, 2010:
There's a new kind of wind turbine in town. This small company is using DesignFOIL to create the airfoils used on this wind turbine system: www.mohr-wind.com.

November 5, 2009:
The PayPal issue is fixed. Order notifications are coming through loud and clear. Added a few more features/calc tools to the interface and will update all downloads within the next month or so.

June 27, 2009:
PayPal is no longer sending me email notices when anybody purchases DesignFOIL. We are trying to figure out the cause of this glitch, but until then I am checking PayPal daily. I apologize for any delays caused by this.

April 29, 2009:
One of my DesignFOIL users has reported that Kapersky Internet Securtiy 2009 blocks part of the installation of DesignFOIL; so much so that it won't run properly. If you are using Kaspersky, you have to temporarily disable it during the quick (20 seconds?) installation of DesignFOIL. Then you can re-enable it.

April 24, 2009:
For Windows Vista users, there is now a solid solution. After doing a lot of investigation and test-compiling on my Vista test machine, it turns out the answer is quite easy. You must run DesignFOIL as administrator. To do this, click on START/PROGRAMS/DesignFOIL/ then Right-Click on DesignFOIL and select "Run as administrator" from the menu.

April 20, 2009:
Seagate has changed their policy and now offers free data recovery for Dell customers. I'm back in business and Vista research is continuing. I've also released a slight update (Version 6.32). Right now it's only in the Demo release, but will trickle to the official releases within the next week or so.

March 16, 2009:
As many of you know, I've got a separate Windows Vista machine for testing DesignFOIL. Last week, it succumbed to the "Seagate Firmware" bug that causes nearly ALL Seagate Barracuda drives to eventually stop working very early in their lives; it essentially gives you a 1-in-320 chance of losing your drive EVERY time you bootup. So, once that machine is back up and running, more Vista testing will continue. Vista has proven to be "challenging" and I look forward to Windows 7.

November 16, 2008:
All versions of DesignFOIL R6.30 have been updated. Be sure to download this update; it fixes some bugs and brings the Joukowsky back to your list of possible airfoils. The new help file also covers both Gridge and Pointwise output.

October 31, 2008:
I've just released the demo of DesignFOIL R6.30, a version that includes a lot of fixes, some improvements (Joukowsky is back!) along with the a new help file. I will be updating the official versions over the next week.

June 11th, 2008:
Hopefully before the end of this month, I will be releasing a minor update that fixes some bugs and optimizes a few features (updated help file too). Keep checking back. Thanks!

January 8th, 2008:
Woops! My support email address has been bouncing messages this past week; that is now fixed and I apologize if that has caused any problems.

November 19th, 2007:
I've fixed the Rhino V4 export bug and will be updating the Demo by the end of this week.

October 1st, 2007:
Super sale! Checkout the low prices for all editions of DesignFOIL during October.

September 18th, 2007:
Now is your chance to try the latest demo with the new WingCrafter tool. Please send any bug reports to me via email.

September 8th, 2007:
Thank you for the bug reports and suggestions for improved features. As I prepare for the big 6.2 release, I have disabled the demo (you may have noticed). The newest additionin 6.2 is the WingCrafter tool which is finally finished. I'm finishing up the help file this week. With this final feature, version 6.2 is truly what I wanted DesignFOIL to be.

August 12, 2007:
The new WingCrafter tool is -almost- finished! It beats the Version 5 tool by leaps and bounds, allowing you to define several airfoils at various buttlines, changing incidence angles, chord, etc... It also exports directly to TWO very awesome professional analysis tools, which will remain secret until I release the final version at the end of this month.

June 20, 2007:
Version 6.03 has been released as a demo. It includes the ability to "pan & scan" on the Import window.

June 17, 2007:
Version 6.02 has been released as a demo. It includes a new splining feature called "Alt-Spline".

June 7, 2007:
DesignFOIL R6 has been showcased in the Product Showcase section of Desktop Engineering magazine...

June 5, 2007:
I am proud to announce the long-awaited Release 6 of DesignFOIL. I've re-written it from scratch and it's taken over 3 years. I think you will like the new format, new help file and focus on WIDESCREEN monitors. If you find any glitches, please let me know ASAP. Enjoy!

May 23, 2007:
This is the new website. Hopefully, it is much easier to use and provides more information for everybody.

April 23, 2007:
I'm about to post the first official beta edition of DesignFOIL Version 6. It is about 94% done, the only part I'm still working on is the new WingDesigner tool. So far the all-new interface for V6 is much easier to use and the new Virtual Wind Tunnel presents much more useful information to the user.

March 15, 2007:
The 9th alpha test of DesignFOIL V6 is uploaded and ready for beta-testers. This one includes the nearly complete helpfile too (which has taken an amazing amount of time to develop). It also includes the new standard atmosphere calculator which has been enhanced for usability. IF you are a current registered customer of DesignFOIL and would like to try out the new version, let me know and I'll tell you how to get it.

January 13, 2007:
The new 2007 version of the Airfoil Primer is up! Check it out here. Now expanded and more illustrated. Also, check out the new BOOK SALE. Buy any book and get a $25 discount on DesignFOIL (only available to US customers due to book shipment limitations).

December 28, 2006:
As part of the new help file for Version 6, I've completely rewritten the Airfoil Primer. It's MUCH longer and more thorough. Check it out here. Also, the 6th alpha test is uploaded for the alpha testers. So far, the feedback has been very positive.

November 16, 2006:
I'm working on the new camberline editor which many of you will find incredibly helpful. It's working better than I'd hoped. I've also redone the airfoil storage window, adding a very helpful feature. Alpha Test #7 will be up shortly. It also has the new CAD features.

August 21, 2006:
DreeseCode Software will be closed from August 21 until August 24. All emails and messages will be answered on Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

August 17, 2006:
I wasn't going to include the Mix & Match tool in the newest edition, but after popular demand, I've reinstated it. Of course, greatly improved! Right now I'm working on beta 5 which has the new Virtual Wind Tunnel in it. The new edition is turning out to be everything I'd wanted in an airfoil program. Hopefully all of you will agree.

July 19, 2006:
The fourth alphatest has been out for a few weeks now. Tonight I implemented the new "Copy To" code along with fixing a bug on the SolidWorks export feature. More to come....

May 1, 2006:
The third alphatest of DesignFOIL 6.X is now released for the beta testers. It includes an updated helpfile. The purpose of this alphatest is to evaluate the entire airfoil geometry "production" side. It includes an improved splining routine and I really like how it flows.

March 28, 2006:
I've made lots of progress on DesignFOIL 6. The airfoil generation side is almost complete. I've finalized the new splining method which I think you will find a big improvement. The interface details are also finalized which, although new, I'm sure you will quickly find useful.

I've also received a few requests for a Linux port and I may consider that. First of all, though, I will release the WindowsXP version.

October 13, 2004:
In April of 2004, I was contacted by Jim Newton, a researcher for the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters. They were going to investigate the myth of a constructure worker using a sheet of plywood as a parachute after being blown off the roof of a building by a strong wind.

They needed a way to predict the aerodynamic lifting force on plywood for various angles of attack. So I worked up a spreadsheet that allowed them to change various parameters and predict the aero loads. I essentially "donated" it to the show because, well, I like the show! If you watched the show tonight, you saw that myth get busted. However, they did a vertical drop instead of using some artificial source of strong wind. In my mind, not using wind invalidated their approach.

However, it was still fun to be part of.

More developments coming soon.