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DesignFOIL Version 7 FULL
(Click here to Download)

The Download Now Features:

  • Includes all NACA standard airfoil geometry coordinate generators.
  • Classic NACA Theory Of Wing Sections drag polar display format.
  • New MyAirfoils window saves your work from session to session.
  • Import/export coordinates from DXF files.
  • Camber modification and flap simulation toolbox (including decamber button).
  • Analyzes quickly with very informative Virtual Wind Tunnel.
  • Mix & Match tool allows you to build composite airfoils from two other airfoils.
  • Choose either British (foot/pound/sec) or SI(meter/kilogram/sec) units.
  • Optimized for wide-screen monitors.
  • WingCrafter tool performs wing design layout and analysis.
  • Airfoil Primer built into new help file.
  • User-Guide and Intro-To-Aerodynamics built into new help file.
  • Send all data directly text files.

Included Airfoil Geometry Generators:
  • The powerful Import Viewer which allows you to investigate over 1100 airfoils from the UIUC archive (download for free from our website).
  • The unique Mix-&-Match allows you to mix upper & lower surfaces from completely different airfoils!
  • NACA 4-Digit Generator
  • NACA 4-Digit Modified Generator
  • NACA 5-Digit Generator
  • NACA 5-Digit Modified Generator
  • NACA 16-Series Generator
  • NACA 6-Series Generator
  • The popular "Deformable camber/thickness" geometry generator.
  • Elliptical airfoils
  • Joukowsky airfoils

Data Export:
  • All data is now exported to text files via Notepad.

There are simply too many features to list here. Please try it for yourself! Download the full version!

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