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DesignFOIL V7 Full Version Download Page

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 10, or 11 or Linux (using the Wine installer)
  • If you use OneDrive, you'll need to create a folder called Documents (if it doesn't already exist) here: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\
  • A basic understanding of aerodynamics helps. Get the Airfoil Primer for only $2.99
  • 1) Download the file from the link below. It is a compressed ZIP file.
  • 2) Open the compressed ZIP file to view the contents. You should see three files.
  • 3) Select the files and copy them to a different folder that is not compressed.
  • 4) Double-click on the file named Setup.exe.
  • WARNING: If you get a warning about "Please insert disk", then you have accidentally tried to run Setup.exe from the compressed zip file. Please follow the installation steps above.

DOWNLOAD DesignFOIL V7.06 Full Version (JUNE 2024)
(NOTE: This version fixes the Invalid Procedure Call error Loop)
I don't have an email list, so update news will go out via: Twitter/X

DOWNLOAD Airfoil-Archive Collection Files (OPTIONAL)

Common Questions Regarding The New FULL Version Installation:

What do I do after I download this file?
This file is a compressed ZIP file comprising all of the installation files for DesignFOIL. After downloading this file, double-click your mouse on it and then double-click on the file called Setup.exe to begin the installation process. If you need detailed instructions, please see the top part of this web page.

Are any features disabled in this version?
No. This is the fully functional version.

What's not included?
In V7, I eliminate the direct-to-CAD export because I couldn't keep up with the 3rd party updates. Instead, all push-button export sends data to a text file.

Do I need the Airfoil Archive too?
The Airfoil Archive is a collection of over 1500 airfoil coordinate files compiled by the University of Illinois (UIUC). You can import them into DesignFOIL and view them. I recommend unzipping these files into a folder named "AIRFOIL_ARCHIVE". DO NOT expand the contents of this file onto your desktop because it will clutter it with over 1500 files!

What's new in V7.05?
I've finally resolved the Windows 11 bug. This version of DesignFOIL should now run on Windows 10 and Windows 11 without any problems!

The above Amazon link to the Airfoil Primer is an affiliate link. I earn a small commission from using that link, but it does not add anything to your cost.