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DesignFOIL V7 (Click here to download!)

New & Improved Features:

  • Includes all NACA standard airfoil geometry coordinate generators.
  • Classic NACA Theory Of Wing Sections drag polar display format.
  • New MyAirfoils window saves your work from session to session.
  • Import/export coordinates from DXF files.
  • Camber modification and flap simulation toolbox (including decamber button).
  • Analyzes quickly with very informative Virtual Wind Tunnel.
  • Mix & Match tool allows you to build composite airfoils from two other airfoils.
  • Choose either British (foot/pound/sec) or SI(meter/kilogram/sec) units.
  • Optimized for wide-screen monitors.
  • WingCrafter tool performs wing design layout and analysis.
  • Airfoil Primer built into new help file.
  • User-Guide and Intro-To-Aerodynamics built into new help file.
  • Send all data directly text files.

Included Airfoil Geometry Generators:
  • The powerful Import Viewer which allows you to investigate over 1100 airfoils from the UIUC archive (download for free from our website).
  • The unique Mix-&-Match allows you to mix upper & lower surfaces from completely different airfoils!
  • NACA 4-Digit Generator
  • NACA 4-Digit Modified Generator
  • NACA 5-Digit Generator
  • NACA 5-Digit Modified Generator
  • NACA 16-Series Generator
  • NACA 6-Series Generator
  • The popular "Deformable camber/thickness" geometry generator.
  • Elliptical airfoils
  • Joukowsky airfoils

Data Export:
  • All data is now exported to text files via Notepad.

There are simply too many features to list here. Please try it for yourself! Download the fully functioning demo and use it for up to 5 days FREE!

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